Unique Body Jewelry: Steel & Gold Body Piercing - Show Your Individuality!

Body jewelry is the perfect way to enhance the beauty of your body and it is also a personal style statement. Body piercing jewelry is no longer confined to traditional jewellery items like the usual rings, earrings, pendants or chains. The term body piercing jewelry now connotes any sort of decoration that can be adorned on the body and usually expressed through more than usual body jewelry like belly button rings, and the like

Spiral barbell with double striped balls, 16 ga

Notched captive bead ring, 8 ga

Acrylic ball with stone titanium circular barbell, 12ga

Titanium straight barbell with wave balls, 12 ga

Titanium circular barbell with wave balls, 14 ga

Internally threaded curved barbell with cones, 14 ga

Curved barbell with colored balls, 14 ga

Acrylic half ball titanium curved barbell, 12 ga

Circular barbell with epoxy striped balls, 12 ga

Belly ring with dangling jewel paved heart and gem

Curved barbell with rasta colored cones, 16 ga

Flexible bioplast curved barbell with acrylic balls, 16 ga

Belly ring with dangling jewel paved lock and heart key

Navel ring with acrylic super glitter balls

Acrylic spike lip hugger, 14 ga

Jeweled heart belly ring with dangling triple heart

Philadelphia Phillies official licensed major league baseball belly ring
$21.75 $16.99

Organic blue agate stone tunnel
$10.87 $8.49

GEORGE 14K real gold horseshoe/circular barbell with white opal balls
$76.79 $59.99

Surgical Steel Prong Set Oval Tiger Eye Semi Precious Stone Navel Ring
$12.66 $9.89

Steel Eye of Pearl Centered Dangle Navel Ring
$2.55 $1.99

14K Gold (Nickel free) Internally Threaded Curved Barbell, 14ga
$97.27 $75.99

Steel Hematite Vintage Brooch Chandelier
$11.49 $8.98

316L Stainless Steel IP Coffee With CZ Stones Inlayed Bracelet
$61.43 $47.99

Unique body jewelry is an ancient way of expressing one's ideas, religion, and so on. But it is still popular to this day, and probably always will be. Wearing jewelry is no longer the sole pastime of a woman. Now men equally enjoy decorating themselves with beautiful jewelry pieces.

Eyebrow Piercing FAQ

The best time to study a listing of eyebrow piercing FAQ is well before the time when one plans to get that piercing. If one waits until one gets an infection, before taking the time to examine the relevant eyebrow piercing FAQ, one might not be ready to put into practice the information that one finds in those FAQ. A reminder that one needs to have clean bedding after a eyebrow piercing is of little use, if one has not set aside time for taking any dirty sheets to the closest possible washing machine. Why shop for useful supplements, when one has to deal with a red and sore eyebrow piercing? 

The typical questions asked by those getting an eyebrow piercing mirror the questions asked by anyone with any type of piercing. A collection of eyebrow piercing FAQ usually contains information such as that in the following paragraphs. 

Question: What sort of accessory should be used in a pierced eyebrow?
Answer: The suggested accessory is a closure ring with a diameter of 1 mm. Health professionals often encourage the use of a small barbell, because it does not receive the same harsh treatment given to a closure ring.

Question : How long does the wound created by an eyebrow piercing take to heal?
Answer: The punctured region of the skin created by an eyebrow piercing normally takes about 5 to 6 weeks to heal completely, assuming that that region has received the proper after-care.

Question: How great are the chances that the area of an eyebrow piercing could become infected?
Answer: The eyebrows serve a function; they help to keep dirt out of the eye. In the absence of a part of the eyebrow, the skin below the eyebrow is exposed to an added amount of dirt. That exposure can encourage the development of an infection in an eyebrow piercing.

Question: What is the best way to deal with an infection that develops after an eyebrow piercing?
Answer: The appearance of an infection should send a recently pierced individual to a doctor’s office, or to the professional who performed the piercing. After an eyebrow piercing, an infection can produce a large amount of discharge. If a visit to the doctor of other health professional can not be arranged, then the area of the piercing must be cleaned well.

Question: How should one go about cleaning an eyebrow piercing, if it becomes infected?
Answer: The appearance of an infection in the region of an eyebrow piercing demands the application of a hot compress. The infected area must be cleaned with a hand towel or paper towel, one that has been held under running hot water. While the towel should be quite hot, it must not be hot enough to burn the infected area.

Question: I plan to get an eyebrow piercing, how can I try to prevent the development of an infection in that piercing?
Answer: Put Lavender oil on the piercing; that reduces the tension on the skin.. Try to avoid sleeping on the side of the body that has the piercing. Make sure that only clean objects come in contact with the piercing. Remember to keep your hands as clean as possible, and try not to put your hands in the area around your pierced eyebrow. Make sure that you take-in a greater than normal amount of B-vitamins and zinc. Consider using supplements, in order to speed the healing process.

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